Consists of:

Up to 60 minutes consultation with a GP who has a special interest and training in allergy medicine
  • Relevant medical history
  • Relevant examination
  • Review of any prior relevant investigations if available
  • Blood tests arranged through laboratory if indicated
  • Discussion of management and recommendations within the consultation
Clinic letter with summary of diagnoses and management plan emailed within 7 working days of the consultation, this can include links to additional resources as indicated
  • Sent to you the patient or parent
  • Sent to your GP
Copy of any results, if ordered by us, sent when available with a short letter outlining an assessment of results
  • Copy to patient or parent
  • Copy to GP
One short email within 4 weeks this can be used to ask questions around your consultation, condition and management.

Total Allergy Consultation Package - $450

Additional Charges

  • Skin Prick Testing: NZ$120 (if required)
  • Blood Test (if required): As per your medical centre charges for blood tests or SCL lab charges (if any)
  • Immunotherapy treatment plans: priced per patient
  • Additional consultations, follow-up consultations and scripts: Priced per time required

Payment is taken at the time of your consultation

We are Easy-Claim partners with Southern Cross Health Insurance. If applicable, please provide your membership number. We recommend that you check your policy benefits prior to your appointment, as if your insurance policy does not cover the consultation or other fees, you will be expected to pay at the time of consult. 

We understand that healthcare can be expensive. If you feel you may struggle to meet these costs, we encourage you to explore the following avenues for financial support:

Upper Clutha children’s trust -

Please note: The Allergy Doctors do not make applications on patients’ behalf. We advise making contact with any of these groups well in advance to review their criteria.


We understand that circumstances change. If you need to cancel your appointment, please provide 48 hours’ notice. Any appointment that is cancelled less than 48 hours before the scheduled time will incur a 50% charge of the consultation fee.

Our Services

Our approach provides evidence-based testing and, where possible, a tailored treatment plan on the same day.*

What to Expect From a Consult

The Allergy Doctors treat all ages and approach each patient as an individual. We design a treatment plan that is unique to you. Here’s how our allergy consultation works:
We listen to you
Your story is the most valuable part of our allergy consultation. You tell us what your symptoms are; when they happen, how frequently they’re happening, and what else have you noticed?
Allergy Testing
Once we’ve listened to your experiences, we may do some further tests to pin down the specific causes of your symptoms.
One of the ways we do this is with a skin prick test. This is an effective and quick way of identifying allergens. If required, a blood test may also be ordered.
We make a plan
We propose an evidence-based allergy treatment plan that fits with your lifestyle.
Sharing information
Once done, and with your permission, we will update your GP with our findings to keep all your care providers on the same page.
*If we believe you need care that is outside of our scope we will refer you to an immunology specialist, in consultation with you, to ensure the best and most appropriate care available for you or your child. In some cases, same-day diagnosis won’t be possible, but we will always refer you for further investigation if needed.

Fees & Other Info

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